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Dresses and Jumpsuits

Women’s fashion dresses

Elegant and stylish, Pennyblack’s must-have range of women’s fashion dresses and jumpsuits bring a glamorous touch to your look by elevating the sophistication of refined evening outfits and everyday officewear. The elegant, innovative, ready-to-wear collections featured in our women’s clothing catalogue are designed to be worn throughout the day by confident, enterprising women. Trendy cuts and patterns mix with classic, tasteful looks that will adapt to your own personal style without ever being repetitive.

Our new catalogue of stylish women’s dresses and jumpsuits ranges from fitted or flared dresses to extra-long palazzo jumpsuits, along with comfortable, maxi shirt dresses, cotton-jersey long dresses and panel dresses with fanciful textures. Combine a two-toned maxi-dress with a pair of exclusive shoes from our collection. The chic cuts of our jackets and blazers are sure to impress, offering a wide range of looks which are perfect for any occasion, from officewear to social get-togethers.

Featuring modern, refined garments that enhance the silhouette, Pennyblack fashions are harmonious, graceful and minimalist. Attention to detail and quality fabrics create a new collection brimming with glamour, refinement and timeless elegance.

Choose sophisticated, colourful Pennyblack women’s clothing, ideal for the self-assured, vibrant, modern woman who expresses her personality through her individual style.